It used to be that signing up for a CSA share meant signing up to get a weekly box of vegetables, full of things you might or might not like. That’s not how it works anymore! With Dirt Rich Farm’s CSA, you get to choose what vegetables you eat. There will be about twenty pick-ups, from about late June through late October or early November. Pick-up is at the farm on Mondays from 4:30 pm to 6 pm (or at Moog on Wednesday afternoons for Moog employees only). There are two share sizes to choose from:

Sampler Share: $285. At each CSA pick-up, Sampler Share members get to choose about four items from the week’s harvest to take home. (What’s an item? A bunch of carrots is an item. A 5 oz bag of baby lettuce mix is an item. A quart of potatoes is an item.) The exact number of items Sampler Share members can take may vary slightly by week, depending on weather conditions.

Full Share: $425. Sometimes, all your favorite vegetables are in season at the same time, and you want to take all of them home from the farm. Sometimes, you might be going out of town for part of the week, so you know you don’t need many vegetables. The Full Share was created with flexibility in mind. Each week, Full Share members get to choose what vegetables they want to take home and in what quantity. Depending on weather conditions, there may be some weeks where the total number of items that can be taken will be capped. No splitting of Full Shares between multiple households, please.


If you’re going to be picking up your share on-farm, please fill out this membership form and mail in your check. If you’re a Moog employee who’s going to be picking up your share at Moog, please fill out the Moog membership form.